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    Personal access to Nck Bradley – Monthly features include:

    • Two white papers per month – up until now these documents have been exclusively written for industry leaders such as the golf channel – tv analysts -tour players and tv producers. your yearly fee includes
      you within this insider’s list of recipients.
    • One live (and recorded) nick bradley webinar covering subject matter such as your personal development – golf technique – emotional and value based perspectives and your golf business.
    • Two signed books of Nick Bradleys the 7 Laws of The Golf Swing and Kinetic Golf.

    and here is the bonus which is worth the yearly fee alone………..

    In the first month as a member you will be invited to email nick bradley with your personal and professional ‘wish list’ of goals and desires. once received, you will have a direct and personal response from nick bradley which will indicate the receipt and acknowledgement of your personal email to him.

    From this point onward, every month you will have a one time email correspondence with nick in which he consults with you personally with a view to directing you to the success and growth you desire. as an industry leader for twenty five years, nick bradley has built up a substantial client and associate list in which he will utilize for your cause should the situation arise. nick bradley has personally coached hundreds of professionals and players to elevated performances in sport and business.

    ‘We know the code on the physical plane – the critical mass is aligning personal philosophy and strategy to what you want to achieve’.

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