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From the Blog

  • Time to Bring in the Clowns

  • I would consider myself to be fortunate to have discovered golf relatively late in my life. Before golf I was a swimmer from the town of Kingston Upon Thames who won two County Championships at 100mts Butterfly and trained at … Continue reading

  • Brainwashed: People Buying People

  • The business guru and sadly missed human contributor Jim Rohn had a belief that I’d like you to embody in any way you’d like to but please do me a favor: Embody it!! ‘If you want more (as an instructor)……..become … Continue reading

Results Like No Other

Using a very unique blend of Technical, Metaphysical and Spiritual knowledge Nick Bradley delivers an instructional experience that is second to none.

Not satisfied with ‘the way it has always been done’ Nick often ventures outside of the normal realms of golf for unique insights and fresh perspective.

Committed Amateur, Corporation or Professional Golfer, Nick Bradley delivers results like no other.

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